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Hippotherapy (from the Greek 'hippos', meaning horse) literally means treatment with the horse.

The therapist utilises the rhythmic, three-dimensional movement of the walking horse. A client appropriately positioned on the horse experiences and responds to significant sensory input.

This positions them ideally to develop postural control, equilibrium reactions, balance, co-ordination and spatial orientation.

There are also psychological, speech, language and cognitive benefits.

Hippotherapy is a treatment carried out by, or under the direction of a specially trained Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.


Tara's Story

Meet Tara Ingerson. Tara was born missing a fundamental part of her brain, the corpus callosum, the brain’s superhighway that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Tara attends Arundel, Riding for the Disabled Centre in Queensland for Hippotherapy lessons with Wendy Mungomery, a registered physiotherapist; 2 side walkers and Daisy the pony.


At present, Tara cannot walk and can't weight-bear without specialised equipment, she needs constant support. Before Tara started with RDA she could barely hold her head up, certainly not sit up by herself, now she can. Read her story...

Pegasus RDA Centre, ACT

Pegasus RDA Centre, ACT