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  • 20 years of operation as a National organisation celebrated in October.
  • Introduction of the Michael Field Memorial Volunteer Award.
  • RDAA Dressage riders selected to represent
    • Australia in New Zealand
    • at World Dressage Championships for riders with a disability in Aarhus, Denmark
  • Tania Kernaghan becomes Vice Patron of RDA Australia.
  • "SMILEY" - children’s horse theme is introduced.
  • National Dressage Championships in Queensland incorporated International Challenge event between Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Japan.
  • RDAA amends the Constitution to change the management structure
  • RDAA revises ACC coaching syllabus for Level 2
    • adding equestrian specific Coaching Principles into the syllabus
  • RDA Driver represents Australia at the World Driving Championships, Wolfsburg, Germany.
  • 3rd National Coaching Workshop, NSW
  • 7th National Dressage Championships, Adelaide.
  • "Straddle a Saddle" event.
  • RDA North (NT) becomes a full member of RDAA.
  • National Planning Seminar for RDAA, NSW.
  • Five RDA riders compete in 1996 Atlanta Paralympics in Dressage
    • First time competition included in the Paralympics
  • RDAA personnel re-write the International Rules for Dressage competition.
  • 6th National Dressage Championships, WA.
  • 2nd International Coaching Workshop - Geelong, Victoria.
  • 5th National Dressage Championships, VIC.
  • Australia represented at 8th RDI Congress, New Zealand
  • National Dressage Judges School, Whittlesea, VIC.
  • Jonquil Solt, U.K. World Championships for Disabled Riders Hartpury, U.K.
  • July RDAA Handbook updated.
  • 4th National Dressage Championships, NSW
  • RDAA Team selected to represent Australia at World Dressage Championships for Riders with a Disability - Hartpury, England
  • 3rd National Dressage Championships, NSW
  • F. Spadinger, Germany Mr. Bill Roycroft Australia, appointed as Vice-Patrons RDAA
  • 1st International Coaching Workshop Geelong, VIC
  • 2nd National Dressage Championships, Queensland.
  • RDAA Coaches become part of National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.
  • 1st National Integrated Vaulting Championships and Coach Workshop
  • 1st RDA National Dressage Championships - integrated with EFA National Dressage Championships, Adelaide, SA
  • RDAA Strategic Planning Seminar, Melbourne
  • RDA establishes Vaulting and Carriage Driving as disciplines within RDA
  • 10th RDA National Conference held in Perth, WA
  • Harness Driving guidelines adopted