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2017 Horse of the Year Finalists

This year we have 6 finalists from Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia!




Age: 16 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Colour: Appaloosa
Breed: Appaloosa
Length of RDA Service: 12 years

Doux has been a valued family member of RDA in the Top End for the past 12 years.  He has taught many, many riders with disabilities the joys of Western Trail.
Age: 16 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut
Length of RDA Service: 8 years
Buddy is very calm, patient and used to introduce new riders to horses.  Being solid, he takes heavier riders as well as little ones.  He is steady at any pace and excellent at obeying voice commands from both riders and coaches.
Age: 16 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Colour: Grey
Length of RDA Service: 8 years
Drover is well loved at RDA and is a gentleman with all volunteers and his riders from Thomas, in a wheelchair, to Janet, competing at the State Dressage Championships.
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O'Reilly's Chief


Age: 15 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Breed: Shetland
Length of RDA Service: 1.5 years

From the moment Toby arrived at RDA Kalang in early 2016, he became an instant household name and has been an absolute gem for our Centre.  He is a true favourite amongst everyone at Kalang, especially the younger riders.
Age: 10 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Colour: White blanket Appaloosa
Breed: Clydie X Qh/Appaloosa
Length of RDA Service: 4.5 years
Chief is a gentle giant of portly stature, he stands at 15.2hh.  He possesses a huge heart along with patience, kindness and charisma.  He is loved by all who meet him.  His true colour shines in his ability to adjust to his riders needs.  From undertaking new rider assessments to catering for fully supported riders, he is willing to accommodate lead lines to independent riders.
Age: 28 years
Gelding/Mare: Mare
Colour: Chocolate/White Taffy
Breed: Miniature Pony
Length of RDA Service: 11 years
Cadbury is our friendly miniature pony who has been helping RDA riders for over 10 years.  At just 9hh, she takes some of our youngest and smallest children for rides, encouraging even our most nervous riders to participate in lessons.
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