2018 Horse of the Year Finalists

This year we have 4 finalists from Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria!

Age: 26 years
Gelding/Mare: Mare
Breed: Stockhorse X
Length of RDA Service: 14 years

Maggie has taught hundreds of beginners to ride in the riding school.  Her calm, comforting demeanor and gentle soul give people of all walks of life an immediate sense of relaxation.
Age: 26 years
Gelding/Mare: Mare
Colour: Bay
Breed: Quarterhorse X
Length of RDA Service: 8 years
Mask's has been a lot of riders mount for the first independent lesson, their first canter, their first jump and has taken many riders to their first Dressage or Mounted Games competition, always coming home with ribbons!
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Age: 22 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut
Breed: Shetland
Length of RDA Service: 10 years

Jack Jack has had riders on lead gain confidence and experience to be able to ride independently and stands patiently while riders brush and pat him.  Everyone who comes to St Helen's falls in love with Jack Jack.
Age: 23 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Colour: Black/White Appaloosa
Breed: Appaloosa
Length of RDA Service: 10 years
When asked by his rider, Fleckie will do anything without fuss.  Our volunteers just love him as he is so easy going which also helps when training volunteers to catch, lead, tack up, groom and clean hooves.
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