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RDA Australia 2016 Horse of the Year


2016 Winner

Jess, RDA Kingborough, Tasmania
Bucko from RDA Mackay in Queensland finished in 2nd place, followed by JJ (Victoria), Jungles Kesley Lee (Northern Territory) and Casper (South Australia).  After voting ran between August 1-7, the leader board finished like this:
Jess - 638
Bucko - 566
JJ - 563
Jungles Kelsey Lee - 184
Casper - 160
While the voting may be over, you can still read about all of our finalists here
Jess has won a Horse Care pack, donated by Wintec, including:
  • 1 Wintec Girth with CAIR®
  • 1 Wintec Pro Stirrup Straps
  • 1 Wintec Saddlebag
  • 1 Wintec Saddlecloth
  • 1 Wintec Grooming Bag
  • 1 Wintec Halter
  • 1 Wintec Leadrope
  • 1 Wintec Steadygrip
  • 1 Wintec Saddle Cleaner

Bucko has won 2nd prize, donated by HorseWyse Magazine, including a 1 page profile in their Summer edition (out in September)!  Additionally, the Centre will receive a one year subscription to HorseWyse Magazine and a goody bag with back issues and some other surprises!
Jess will also feature in the magazine as the winner of the competition.