RDA Australia 2018 Horse of the Year


 Horse Name:
Maggie Age:
 26 years
 Gelding/Mare: Mare
 Breed: Stockhorse X
Length of RDA Service:
14 years
Maggie has been with RDA Townsville since we started over 13 year ago.  She is now 26 years young, looking great and sstill enjoying her job.
Maggie has not once put a foot wrong.  She has encountered incidents and proven to be a rock solid and intelligent horse.  For example, a few years ago, a tall lass was mounting and came down behind the saddle, slipping to the other side and landing on the ground at Maggie's feet.  During the episode, Maggie just planted her feet and dug in, not moving a muscle.
More recently, Maggie was involved in an incident where her rider became upset, shouted, thrashed out at the volunteers and an emergency dismount was performed.  Amidst the chaos where other horses and humans were agitated, Maggie remained cool, calm and collected.
In addition to her marvelous work with RDA, she has taught hundreds of beginners to ride in the riding school.  Her calm, comforting demeanor and gentle soul give people of all walks of life an immediate sense of relaxation.  Maggie is worth her weight in gold and is a one in a million RDA horse.
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