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RDA Australia 2017 Horse of the Year


RDA Maryborough, Queensland
 Horse Name:
 Buddy Age:
16 years
 Gelding/Mare: Gelding
 Breed: Quarter Horse
Length of RDA Service:
9 years
Buddy is our 'hoist' horse and not bothered by the hoist arm swinging about or people crowding around.  he stands patiently while they do what they have to do.
He is very calm and patient and is used to introduce new riders to horses.  Being solid, he takes heavier riders as well as little ones.  Buddy doesn't mind which rider and accepts them all without a fuss, even riders who make a lot of noise, wave their arms around or are a bit unstable.  He is steady at any pace and excellent at obeying voice commands from both riders and coaches.  Our more independent riders love him as he tries hard to help, even if the aids they give are not completely correct.  Once lessons are finished, a volunteer will often take him for a ride, which enjoys and shows a different side of himself - more active and forward going.
Buddy loves a fuss being made of him, especially when riders give him a pat after their session and will instinctively lower his head so smaller ones or those in wheelchairs can reach to show their thanks.
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