RDA Australia 2018 Horse of the Year


 Horse Name:
23 years
 Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Black/White Apaloosa
 Breed: Apaloosa
Length of RDA Service:
10 years
Fleckie is one of our elders but is just so gentle and careful with his young nervous riders.  He is quite a character.
He is well known for 'falling asleep' while tacked up.  He will doze off at any opportunity!  When asked by his rider to do anything, he wakes up and does it without fuss.  He will walk, trot, canter, halt with minimal ask from his rider.
Our volunteers just love him as he is so easy going.  This helps when we are training volunteer to catch, lead, tack up, groom and clean hooves.
He is a smooch with everyone, a great games pony!  He has been to 2 Tan Hock regional games days and won is fancy dress both times as a dalmation with Cruella Deville (rider) from 101 Dalmations!
We love him to bits!