Principal Sponsors

The principal sponsor of RDAA is The Australian Sports Commission.

Australian Sports Commission

Corporate Sponsors

Jurox, the manufacturers of Promectin Plus Mini Allwormers, have been a sponsor of RDA Australia since 2012.  For every tube of Promectin Plus Mini Allwormer sold across Australia, Jurox donates 10c donated directly to RDAA.  In addition to their ongoing financial contribution, Jurox also supplies our Centres with wormers for our horses and ponies.
Learn more about what makes Promectin Plus Mini unique at www.promectinplusmini.com.au
To find your local stockist, visit the Healthy Horses Facebook photo gallerywww.facebook.com/HealthyHorses
Protect your horse and support RDAA at the same time!


To find out about becoming a sponsor of RDAA, please contact:
Office Manager admin@rda.org.au

Other Sponsors

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of any RDAA projects or events, please visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page.